Spiritual entities of the Casa

King Salomon

King Salomo or Salomon was - according to the presentation of the Bible - in the 10th Century BC ruler of the united Kingdom of Israel. In the stories of the Bible he is known as the builder of the First Temple in Jerusalem and as the third king of Israel after Saul and David. He reigned 40 years on the throne of Israel (970-930 BC).

Endowed with cosmic consciousness, he was able to distinguish between negative and positive forces. This knowledge he had acquired in meditation. He stands historically for the "justice of Solomon" and the "Book of Wisdom", which is attributed to him.

On the back of the meditation room of the Casa Dom Inacio, there is a picture of King Solomon and a triangle that is assigned to it. To sit there has got a deep peace and one may as well ask King Solomon for help, especially when it comes to equitable solutions. It is said, that the medium Joao King Solomon was 16 years, when he started to incooperate.
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