Spiritual entities of the Casa

Sao Francisco Xavier - Holy Franz Xavier

St. Francis Xavier was born on April 7 in 1506 on the Castle Javier in Sangüesa in Spain and died on December 3 in 1552 on the island Shangchuan Dao near Canton in China.

In German-speaking countries known as the St. Francis Xavier, he was one of the pioneers of Christian missions in Asia and co-founder of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits. Dom Inacio asked him to go to Asia and preach the word of God there.

Sao Francisco Xavier was very intelligent and he gave himself diligently to his studies. In the years in Paris, from age 19 to 28, he met Pedro Fabre and Calvin. Calvin was an important person, because he co-initiated the Protestant revolution in Europe.

He met Dom Inacio in the College of Santa Barbara, whose close friend he became. Dom Inacio supported his friend with religious teachings and money.

He was declared saint on March 22 in 1622 by Pope Pius XI and recognized as greatest of all missionaries. He is being regarded as the great apostle of modern times.

When medium Joao incorporates with Sao Joao Francisco Xavier, you can still feel the intensity of his faith, his burning for God and his spirit or his sometimes severe and sometimes impulsive genuis, which now has a little more wisdom.

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