Spiritual entities of the Casa Dom Inacio

Dom Inacio de Loyola - Ignatius of Loyola (Translation)

Ignatius of Loyola - the translation of "Dom Inacio de Loyola", was born on 31 July in 1491 at the Castle of Loyola in Northern Spain to a Basque noble family. 1556 he died in Rome. At the age of 30 a serious war injury led him to a complete transformation:
from the former warlord became a servant of God!

Dom Inacio decided to change his life and in future only dedicate himself to the service of God. He became pilgrim and healer of mankind.

On 15 August 1534, Ignatius founded the Jesuit order with 6 companions in Paris. Up to today the spiritual exercises that Ignatius had developed during his long years of searching characterize the religious order.
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