Social project children of the streets

Open the ear of your heart and you will find happiness.

Song of a streetchild in New Zealand

People of the Universe
Make a stand and walk on together
Unite all our children
Make it seem hopeful for them
Tell them to love one another
Tell them we will recover
Tell them that we are the ones
Who will will take it to the end

The street kids have called me in a dream in 1994. All my ways of healing and education (as a shaman), I have made for them. My dream is to build a children's village near Sao Paulo, as a healing place for street children where they may live and become whole again. We have started to prepare this vision, if you want to share, please contact us. Here is my Vision

Guided Journey“s to Joćo de Deus Begleitete Reisen zu Joćo de Deus

Photo: © Silverbear