About me

I see through the eyes of a stone and I think its thoughts and feel with its layers ...
William Mayne, Earthfast

My spiritual name is SilverBear, with the name of Bernd Schneider I was born and raised 1963 in Brazil - Sao Paulo. This wonderful, powerful and spirital country has connected me right from the start with nature.

1970 we moved to Germany with injuries that probably everyone has who moves into a different culture. Since 1980, in the process of seeking and finding my own way of life, how does a square thing becomes a round thing.

Today I live my life as a great gift, my work experience as a deep fulfillment and I am very grateful to have found this way. Above all, I thank the many people I was allowed to meet on this way. Participants of training, the companions of the Jacobsway and of course the wisdom that has taught me life itself.

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Guided Journey“s to Joćo de Deus Begleitete Reisen zu Joćo de Deus

Photo: © Detlev Schneider