Information about the journey

You were able to "pick up" each of us, whereever we were and the individually addressing of each person is a wonderful gift, that you have. Respect and thanks! Thank you for everything from my heart."

Christine in August 2011:
"In a group of good friends we were floating in light and incredible love. Bernd was a permanent contact person and friend, he guided us with love and full of subtlety, each one individually and very personal. Abadiania has become a benchmark for me: opening, deepening and new beginnings."

The group itself is often very helpful because you can exchange information. You learn, that similar experiences happen to the other participants as well - even after the trip you can communicate with each other and start friendships.

Throughout the entire trip I am as a tour guide your trusted contact person and accompany each one of you through this process.

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Guided Journey“s to Joćo de Deus Begleitete Reisen zu Joćo de Deus

Photo: © Petra Tewes