Information about the journey

If you dont have any stories, then you have got nothing.
Leslie Marmon Silko

Here you can download the tourist guide of the Casa of Dom Inacio and the Itinerary, both as pdf - please feel free to save it to your computer.

This is perhaps the most important journey of your life and the Casa of Dom Inacio has built a very finely developed healing process over the years. Often visitors might not be able to cope - to know all these rules and to get around with the foreign language. Therefore, it is often a relief to give yourself into the good hands of a group and its experienced tour guide. Feedback from a participant:

Dagmar im August 2011:
"Thank you for all your help. Your support for the travel arrangements, the introduction on-site and accompaniment during the stay were indispensable and very, very helpful and excellent."

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Guided Journey“s to Joćo de Deus Begleitete Reisen zu Joćo de Deus

Photo: © Petra Tewes