Joćo de Deus

I do not heal, God heals through me
Joao de Deus

Joao Teixeira de Faria, lovingly being called Joao de Deus, serves for over 50 years as a full trance medium to humans. This means that John of God is available as a channel for the spiritual and intellectual world every Wednesday to Friday!

With his remarkable talents Joao de Deus creates a place of love and light - "He rejoins us spiritual beings that we all are back to God or the great goddess and the Great Spirit."

We remember what we really are:
".... We are spiritual beings making a human experience"...
He was born on June 24 in 1942 in the state of Goais in Brazil and at the age of 16 he started as a medium with his healing work and has since helped thousands of people.
Since 1997, John of God works in the spiritual center "Casa de Dom Inįcio de Loyola" in Abadiania, which lies approximately 90 kilometers south of the capital Brasilia in the state of Goais.

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Photo: © Detlev Schneider