Information about the healing work

This path of healing that you have begun, is solely your responsibility and nobody else is responsible.

If we could see the great spiritual scheme, would we be surprised at how little is actually being requiered from ourselves, but all thas may not happen, if we do not even contribute our part. The good news is that you are here for you and something in you brought you here. This probably means that there is a way for you to grow, improve your health and perhaps even to serve and help other people.

The flow in the Casa has been carefully worked out by the entities in order to increase the chance for everyone, to receive healing and help in their spiritual journey (including all staff and volunteers).

Some things here may appear disorganized for our secular, social standards, but you are here neither in a cosmopolitan place nor in a social institution.

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Guided Journey“s to Joćo de Deus Begleitete Reisen zu Joćo de Deus

Photo: © Detlev Schneider