Remote healing

"In the name of God
Archetype of prayer

The fastest and easiest way to submit a request to cure to the spiritual beings of the Casa de Dom Inacio is to write a healing request -

It is a prayer. It allows us to give our concerns to the spiritual entities of the Casa and ask for help.
The entities pray for 30 days with your healing concerns.
You can submit request for both yourselves and for other people, animals, houses and projects.
After receiving your request(s) they are brought by myself as fast as possible to the Casa de Dom Inacio.
For this service (generation, forwarding, printing, submission) and to cover the expenses it is expected a financial compensation.
The rate of contribution is optional on your behalf.
You will receive a confirmation email.
Of course all your data will be kept strictly confidential.

Required data:
First name, surname
Date of birth
Address (street, housenumber, postcode, city and country)
Healing request (Please not nore than 3 issues) can not guarantee cure or improvement.
It is not recommended by our side to cancel or limit medical treatments.
The Casa de Dom Inacio and Medium Joao de Deus strongly recommend to continue taking previously advised medication by your physician. This service includes only the forwarding of your request to Brazil to the Casa de Dom Inacio.

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Foto: Detlev Schneider