Remote healing

"In the name of God
Archetype of prayer

Here in Abadiania, Brazil, where I live, there is a spiritual hospital, the Casa Dom Inacio. Medium Joao de Deus leads here and is healing since 55 years and has hundreds of thousands of people just by submitting healing concerns (prayer / intercession) or images - or healed by a spiritual surgery on the distance.

The healing concern is a prayer. We hand over our concern to the spiritual beings of the Casa de Dom Inacio and ask for help.
The beings pray for 30 days with your healing concerns.

There is the opportunity for You, Your loved ones, Your pets or project to put the healing concern into the prayer triangle. The triangle acts almost as it were a strong "bull's-eye" to the universe. Or, you have the opportunity to appear in front of the beings (these entities are the spirits who incorporate into medium Joao de Deus)

- Photos can be presented every Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, which are the days when the Medium is working at the Casa. In most cases, the entities then write a "recipe" for herbal capsules ( from Passiflora powders), which are being sent to you and should be taken 3 times a day.

- The capsules are prescribed specifically energized for the person in the photo. As long as you are taking the capsules, there are three rules that must be followed: no alcohol, no pork and pork products, and no hot pepper / chilli or pepper.

- Besides the herbal capsules, you may also ask for a Spiritual surgery, this intensive healing process requires the observance of certain rules and arrangements. Please request information by email.

For both methods of presentation I need: a recent photo (not older than 2 months), full name, address, date of birth and the concern / the request / desire / the specific illness. All this information can be sent to me by email in the contact form, which you can find in my menu.
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Foto: © Detlev Schneider