Casa of Dom Inacio

Silence is the consecration of the Universe
Hermann Melville

The Casa of Dom Inacio is located about 90 kilometers south of the capital Brasilia in the state of Goais and can be reached within 1.5 hours by taxi from the airport in Brasilia.

It lies on the edge of the town Abadania at about 1024 meters altitude and is typical of Brazil, lovable, amazing nature and the place itself is a bit untidy. The House itself has a wonderful garden, some meditation halls, a healing waterfall, treatment rooms for the crystal beds, a bookstore and a cafe.

It is a place of retreat, a place where change is possible, a place where we can meet the spiritual beings, and where thousands of people come together from all over the world to make their way to themselves.

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Photo: © Detlev Schneider