Casa of Dom Inacio

Silence is the consecration of the Universe
Hermann Melville

The "Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola" was founded in 1997 in Abadiania to create a permanent place for the healing work of Joao de Deus.

The Casa is named after the founder of the Jesuits' "Inacio de Loyola" and also named in gratitude, because "Dom Inacio" probably still touches our souls being channeled by Joao de Deus.

The place was chosen lovingly and thoroughly by Francisco Cândido Xavier (a friend and a very famous Brazilian medium) and it is situated in a quite powerful area of Brazil on a bed of crystals (beyond the Casa are crystal deposits).

It is as if we were going through a door into another world. Everytime (daily) I'm touched by the beauty, tranquility, dignity and love that touches this place. It is a place, where we truely finally become "human" again, where it shows, what we once were at the beginning of our "being".

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Guided Journey´s to João de Deus Begleitete Reisen zu João de Deus

Photo: © Detlev Schneider